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Silent review

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

In aviation, we have something called "silent review." All cabin crew members are encouraged to do a silent review before every take-off and landing. The technique is used to imagine the scenario of an unprepared emergency and should include - but is not limited to - the following topics:

  • A - Aircraft type (Which aircraft type am I on? How do I open exits?)

  • B - Brace positions (How do I brace for impact?)

  • C - Commands (“Bend down-” “Emergency, open seat belt” - “Get out”)

  • D - Duties (Evacuation duties? - On ground duties?)

Consistent use of silent review supports quick, correct action. This is what the Flight Safety Foundation said to be the benefit when they gathered approaches from different airlines. Most of the airlines have something similar in place, some call it the sixty-second review or mental review.

I created a checklist based on the same principles, i.e. to gather your thoughts and to step into the coaching mindset before the upcoming coaching session. A hectic start of a coaching session is almost irreversible. Applying the silent review before coaching was useful to be mentally and emotionally prepared. My checklist covers the following:

  • A - Awareness of my headspace and mindset.

  • B – Believe in the process and allow the conversation to flow.

  • C – Core competencies´reflection.

  • D - Devotion to listening with all my senses during the session.

The ICF Core Competencies Model was recently updated. They are 8 in total with several sub-competencies. I recently learned that the model introduces a brand-new competency. It is the competency #2, Embodies a Coaching Mindset. "This addition underlines the need for coaches to consider how they are ‘being’ as well as what they are ‘doing’ when coaching." (Sinclair, T., 2020)

This made me want to refresh my Coaching Silent Review from back in 2013. I think it might be even more useful now. If you see me with my eyes closed, I might be silently reviewing or doing my Wim Hof breathing.

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