Winter and Christmas music, snow-covered with warm candlelight

The music at Stjörnubjart is best described as a low-key, snow-covered candle-lit Christmas spirit. The mood is clear, intimate, personal and timeless and winter plays a big role, because not all songs are typical Christmas songs. It trumps national and rural styles as well as Nordic influences with a return to old times. There are several folk songs, Icelandic pearls, hymns, Gustav Holst and Jean Sibelius, as well as Swedish authors such as Pererik Moraeus and then Benny and Björn from ABBA. The singer composed one song on the disc.


Winter and Christmas music, snow-covered with candlelight.


The CD costs 2.000 isk, sent to you via snail mail. You can also download the music through the front pageStjörnubjart is also on Spotify and Soundcloud.


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