The history of the law, the texts and other interesting things in the process

1) Silent Night (Festive Christmas)

Named Koppången in the original version and is by Pererik Moraeus. The song is, for the most part, the reason why I wanted to release a plate with Christmas songs. I first heard it in Anne Sofie von Otter's performance and it has been with me since or for 15 years. I got Hordur Sigurðarson to make a text about it. The text in the song somehow covers the content of Christmas so well. People on their way to church on Christmas Eve and the mind reaches out to those who have disappeared and they are remembered with warmth and gratitude. There is also the assurance that we stay on earth for one moment of eternity and we leave traces on the windscreen or footprints on the sea shore as we go away and there is nothing to fear. Exposure: Haraldur V. Sveinbjörnsson.

2) Winter Night Song (Winter mood , full year)

I found the song when I was looking for winter songs for Stjörnubjart, it's simply called A Song for a Winter's Night. The song and original text is by Gordon Lightfoot but I first heard it in Sarah McLachlan's performance. Gordon is a Canadian country and folk writer, born in Ontario in 1928. His exposure Halla settled into a genuine country style which is music that I worship and reverence and with Sváfnir Sigurðarson singing the song in a duet. Hallgrímur H Helgason made a beautiful Icelandic text with the song and let me say that it is better than the original text. The sleeper also plays the banjo and guitar in the song and Jakup Zachariassen plays the country style with Dobro and steel guitar. Halli plays guitar, bass, piano and sings voices. Diddi plays drums and manages the beat and Matthías Stefánsson fiddles the song.

Gordon Meredith Lightfoot, Jr. CC OOnt (born November 17, 1938) is a Canadian singer-songwriter who achieved international success in folk, folk-rock, and country music, and has been credited for helping define the folk-pop sound of the 1960s and 1970s. He has been referred to as Canada's greatest songwriter and internationally as a folk-rock legend.

3) Stellar (full year)

This song was originally called Night's Choice and was released in 2002. It is by Dad, Ágúst Pétursson but was "undiscovered" when the Hittumst album with his songs was released in 2001. A year later I asked Magnús Kjartansson to expose it and it was sent in Women's Society of Sheepdogs on the Sæluvikan and came in the top 10 and was published under the name of Night Nights. Hörður Sigurðarson has the lyrics but the song gets a new title on the disc, Stjörnubart and brand new exposure.

4) Like an angel walking (full year)

ABBA was followed by Björn and Benny and is called Like an Angel Passing Through my Room. Getting the right to publish it in Iceland and Icelandic was not entirely a matter of course. In the first attempt I got no, but I did not give up. Was in contact with the publishing company that referred to me as "the boss" and who put himself in contact with Björn himself, in one of the mail communications he was even COOPERATED IN. I kindly asked him to get Björn to review the decision. I sent them recordings with myself, outlined the content on the disc, what laws would be there and who saw the exposure. After some reflection, the yes came. It was a good day. The song in ABBA's performance is very special, I am told that this is the only song that Frida sang alone in the final release and Agneta came nowhere near. There is also a very peculiar tick-thanks that goes through the whole song.

On April 23, 2012 a Deluxe version of The Visitors was released. One of his bonus tracks was a demo medley of 'Like an Angel Passing Through My Room' called 'From A Twinkling Star To A Passing Angel' put together by Benny Andersson, who feels that the song is one of the best that he and Björn wrote during the ABBA years, but it is uncertain whether the final version is the ultimate one. His view is shared by Agnetha Fältskog who described listening to the song as waiting for something that never comes. The compilation showed ABBA's experimentation with the track, ranging from a full-tempo version (featuring the famous ABBA harmonies) that was later abandoned because it sounded too much like something ABBA had already recorded, to a rather sober synthesized version close to the version that was eventually released. Early lyrics resembled the traditional 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star', although these lyrics were meant to be temporary to accompany the melody. Benny was also involved in Anne Sofie von Otter's version of this song which was released on her album with Elvis Costello, "For the Stars" in 2000.

5) Give me no gold or splendor (Christmas hymn)

The song is written by Jean Sibelius with the text of Topelius and is called in Finnish En etsy valtaa, loistoa. The auspicious New Year's hymn of Rev. Sigurjón Guðjónsson, As a Storm Hurricane Cloudy Cloud, no. 102 of the Psalms, is primitive with this song. Sr. Sigurjón translated many hymns. It is not known why he did not mean the Christmas hymn, but chose to make a new year's hymn to this song Sibelius. On the disk is used Icelandic text by Kristján Val Ingólfsson. Originally called Julvisa, this poem Topelius is one of Finland's most well-known and beloved Christmas hymns, and even in Sweden and Norway. He discusses the sacred values of Christmas: God's Word, love and warmth, and the humble beautiful community in which children play their part.

6) Christmas Eve ( Christmas rhythm with folk songs)

Is by Tryggva M. Baldvinsson with the text of David Stefánsson and is in Harald's new exposure. The song was composed for RÚV as the Christmas program of the National Broadcasting Service in 1997. I met the song and Choir Breiðholt's church but on the dkiskik it is in a very different exposure, with lots of instruments, including long play by Örn Magnússon, but the starting line of the song is exactly: long-playing sick. The song was nicknamed "The Christmas Cat in Mordor in the Process". And the boy thinks it should be the title of the computer game Witcher 3, Heart of Stone. It is a complete ruler of the instruments that come into play in the song. Haraldur plays the piano, keyboard and sings. Kjartan Guðnason plays drums, tapes, taiko drums, crotales, song-bells, sled bells, tambourines, marimba and chimes. Matti Kallio on the Irish flute. Frank Aarnink on the cimbalom. Thorir Jóhannsson on double bass and the string quartet are appointed Una Sveinbjarnardóttir, Margrét and Pálina Árnadætrum and Guðrúnna Hrund Harðardóttir. Martino Vacca plays on Irish sackcloths. He is an Italian at studying at Berklee in Valancia and was found in the aftermath of friends with Facebook. The song features 12 musical instruments and a total of 19 musical instruments / percussion instruments + voices, the most popular song.

7) During that long winter (quiet Christmas season)

Was long on the edge of the album's playlist but got erect when the recording director accidentally heard it at the studio and then discovered how effortless and beautiful the song was in its simplicity. Frank Aarnink plays a piano-like cimbalom and is very difficult to play. In addition, you can hear the bells of "clock bells" or the bells that are taught at a stand-by clock, and often sound over time.

8) To the New World (full year)

Is a song from the movie Palli Winner that got the Norwegian text afterwards, is instrumental in the film, as I get next. Is a song from the movie Palli Winner (Pelle Erobreren) that got the Norwegian text afterwards, is instrumental in the film, as I get next. Pelle Erobreren is a novel by Danish writer Martin Andersen Nexö. Nexö wrote extensively on the election of the people and also played a great part in politics, first as a social democrat and later as a communist. The film Bille August from the first part of the book about Pelle was awarded the Oscar Best Picture in 1988 as the best foreign film. The story takes place in the latter part of the 19th century, at a time when the people of the people were looking for a better life in other countries and we Icelanders know the best of the Western tours. The story tells of the Swedish ancestors Lasse Karlsson and his son Pelle who go to Denmark after Pelle's mother died trying to improve her terms there. Dad Pelle gets a job on a farm, but there is no dancing on the farm and they are undervalued. The Song For the New World is Pelle herself's meditation on the Promised Land and the better life that awaits their father.

9) Psalm 85 (Christmas hymn, duet)

The original text of this song is The Wexford Carol, but no Icelandic translation was found on it, and we resorted to the use of Psalm 85, composed in the same manner.

10) Crystals (winter mood, duet)

Hörður: "A sleepy brother chanted this song to us in August and added a phrase that was born with the song:" Strange how everything changes in looks. " In the winter and short-day theme on the disc, this phrase triggered memories of those times when winter's depressive blackness turns into a fairy-tale world when the shining snowflakes begin to fall and lighten the short day. Net short-term drowsiness on the part of a text editor. Halli stole the band's harmonium Amiinu one good Saturday and recorded this song and two others with weapons recording equipment. The instrument was in the hall in the same house as the studio and therefore not far to go.

11) Dream indicators (whole year, cradle indicators )

A song I composed a long time ago for my namesake and my little cousin, who was small then but is now much older. Just haven't been able to forget the song, however I've tried. He was fractured when he was little and had to lie down in the hospital, with his leg up in the air. I often sat with him when he was asleep and sang. The song has been textless all these years but is finally getting wings with beautiful lyrics by Hörð Sigurðarson, my friend. This is the shortest track on the hard drive.

12) Wizards three (Christmas song with rhythm)

The song is ancient, but is known in the 1964 Beach Boys performance under the name We three kings of orient are. Rúnar Júl and ... then picked up the song on their arms and performed it in a similar exposure on Television in the year ... under the name Undstarjarna. The famous American carol We three Kings of Orient are written in 1857 by Rev. John Henry Hopkins. The minister is reputed to have written the carol We three Kings of Orient are for the General Theological Seminary in New York City as part of their Christmas pageant. I got my sister, Bergljóta Hreinsdóttir, a genius, to write a new text for the song called Wizards Three.

13) Light (whole year, new layer)

Compiled by Haraldi V. Sveinbjörnsson and received a beautiful text by Valgerði Bendiktsdóttir my friend. Haraldur: “When we were planning and selecting songs on the album, August asked me if I had songs in the garbage to put on the album. After scrolling through my song garbage several times without success, I decided to write a song with August in mind and in the spirit of the songs we had already chosen on the album, dreamy and big. The song came quickly and safely after noon on Wednesday - Valgerdir's poem was so complete with the mood of the song. "- Valgerður: Halli composed a wonderful and clear song. When I first heard it, I imagined the interplay of light and the shadow of one silent winter night. I was reminded of my mother, who, despite countless shocks, always focuses on the light and possesses great serenity. It is just like the Egyptian sun god Kepri who pushes the sun into the horizon every day. Thus is the cycle of day and night, we are reborn at each sunrise. Become new and have new hope. I follow the lifeline in her palms and see her as a pathway of guarded light. Mom lights up everything around her. ”

Extra layer: On Christmas night (solemn Christmas)

Performed by August and the string quartet, the night was recorded for the string recordings. It takes on the role of being the extra on the hard drive, as 13-disk drives seemed particularly suitable for Christmas. The fourth song on the disc is, as I said, on Christmas Eve by Jón Ásgeirsson with the text of Gunnar Dal. The song was composed by Jon to his wife. It is called the contents of the first layer of the disk, Sounds Night, and frames the contents of the disk.

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