Icelandic Crossover Singer

Ágústa Sigrún Ágústsdóttir followed her dream and released a CD in  November 2015 called Stjörnubjart (Star bright), featuring new songs and covering some of her favourite Christmas music from across the Nordics. “I’ve had this dream for quite some time now. Since I’m celebrating my 50th birthday and Christmas bells will start ringing sooner than you think, I’ve decided to make my dream come true by releasing this album.”


Ágústa is a professional singer who has been featured in many operas and theatre productions in Iceland and is part of several local choirs. She grew up in a musical household as her father was a musician and songwriter.


The music on Stjörnubjart is quiet and warm like the cosiness of Icelandic homes in the winter. The instruments, in some cases unusual, color the atmosphere and intertwine with melody and voice like the Aurora-streaked skies of December. The mood of the album is crystal clear, intimate, personal, and timeless. The album features a collection of Ágústa’s favourite Christmas songs including folksongs, Icelandic pearls and hymns as well as three original songs written especially for Stjörnubjart. Mahler and Sibelius, Swedish composer Moraeus and the two "B's" in ABBA, Benny and Björn, have collaborated with Ágústa to bring this Christmas dream to life.

g lylkill og hjarta.jpg