Winter and Christmas music, snow-covered with candlelight

The music at Stjörnubjart is best described as a low-key, moody, low-key, snow-covered Christmas candle-lit Christmas spirit. The mood is clear, intimate, personal and timeless and winter and plays a big role, because not all songs are typical Christmas songs. It trumps national and rural styles as well as Nordic influences with a return to old times. The songs are widely used. There are several folk songs, Icelandic pearls, hymns, Gustav Holst and Jean Sibelius, as well as Swedish authors such as Pererik Moraeus and then Benny and Björn from ABBA. Furthermore, there are three new Icelandic songs on the hard drive.

The booklet that comes with the hard drive

The tracks on the hard drive

  1. Quiet night

  2. Song on a winter night with Sváfa Sigurdarson

  3. starlit

  4. Like an angel walking by

  5. Give me none of the world's gold or splendor

  6. Christmas Dinner

  7. During that long winter

  8. To the new world

  9. Psalm 85 along with Sváfa Sigurðarson

  10. crystals

  11. Refer dream

  12. Wizards three

  13. light

... and Extra

Release concerts were held in Salnum in Kopavogur on November 21, 2015.

Among the musicians who put forth their powers as well as August are:

Haraldur V. Sveinbjörnsson - guitar, piano, keyboard, harmonium, bass and vocals

Sváfnir Sigurðarson - guitar, banjo and vocals

Kjartan Guðnason - drums and all percussion instruments

Thorir Jóhannsson - double bass

Frank Aarnink - cimbalom

Matthías Stefánsson - solo violinist

Örn Magnússon - long play

Matti Kallio - Irish flute, harmonica

Martino Vacca - Irish sackcloth

Jákup Zachariassen - Dobro and steel guitar

String Quartet:

Una Sveinbjarnardóttir - Violin

Pálína Árnadóttir - violin

Guðrún Hrund Harðardóttir - viola

Margrét Árnadóttir - cello

Recorded in Studio Audio Studio, Studio Syria and Harpa in September 2015

Recording Director: Haraldur V. Sveinbjörnsson

Recorders: Haraldur V. Sveinbjörnsson, Kristinn Sturluson

Exposures: Haraldur V. Sveinbjörnsson

Audio Mixing and Audio Equalization: Hrannar Ingimarsson

Photography and Photography: Bjarney Lúðvíksdóttir

Biography: Birgir Heiðar Guðmundsson

Presentation: Ingibjörg Gréta Gísladóttir - email address:

ÁSÁ ehf. | Austurkór 92 | 203 Kópavogur |  Iceland | mobile: +354 899 4428